Dr. Lise Janelle, Life Coach

Who is Dr. Lise Janelle:

“Helping people achieve extraordinary success and lead extraordinary lives.”

Lise has made it her life’s mission to help as many people as she can experience happiness, love and the true success that come with living connected to the heart. She has traveled the world on a quest to study with the best teachers and mentors since 1989, She combines this knowledge with the experience gained while working one-on-one with thousands of clients helping them achieve fast and powerful transformation..

Lise is the creator of the Heart Freedom Method, a powerful mind-body tool that helps you find and dissolve self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs and patterns and unlock your full potential with a solid mindset. She is currently co-writing her third book,‘Unstuck’ with Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles, based on her own Heart Freedom Method.


Niki Inc. & Dr. Lise Janelle:

Niki Inc. handles all of Dr.Lise Janelle’s public speaking opportunities, media interviews and press outreach.

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You can learn more about Dr. Lise Janelle at www.drlisejanelle.com 

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Who is VonDarling:

VonDarling is wild about beauty! That’s why their tag line is FLIP FLUTTER GLOW. They’re crazy about hair, lashes, and spray tans. In their studio, their specialities are Hair Extensions and Spray Tans.

They have also created a fabulous line of Luxe Magnetic Lashes. VonDarling Magnetic Lashes are designed to give you that glamorous look without the hassle of eyelash glue. Their handcrafted lashes are made of synthetic silk fibres and come in several flattering styles…and counting. 

VonDarling Magnetic Lashes are excellent for those who cannot tolerate lash extensions as well as those who love them!  There’s no mess, no glue, no damage, and best of all, they’re beautiful.

Lashes can be purchased in their studio, from their online store, or from other select retailers in Canada and the United States. They can’t wait to share their beauty obsessions with you!


Niki Inc. & VonDarling:

Niki Inc. handles all of VonDarling public speaking opportunities, media interviews and press outreach for VonDarling and their Luxe Magnetic Lashes.

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You can learn more about VonDarling’s Magnetic Lashes at http://vondarlingstudio.com/lashes

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Rachel Whynot Business Coach with arms crosses

Who is Rachel Whynot:

Founder, and service-based business expert, Rachel Whynot has built an award winning multi- 7 figure service business from the young age of 22. She has worked with and marketed many Fortune 500 brands and companies, which has led to her impressive resume today.

As a public speaker and avid blogger & podcaster Rachel speaks to the every day challenge of an entrepreneur and offers modern day solutions she recommends for every problem related to Marketing. 

With a new book in the works, Rachel can speak to every issue facing a business owner today.


Niki Inc. & Rachel:

Niki Inc. handles all of Rachel’s public speaking opportunities, media interviews and press outreach for Rachel and her various programs.

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Also check out Rachel’s podcast: FOUNDER FREEDOM™™

You can see more about Rachel at http://rachelwhynot.com

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Josie Ho headshot

Who is Josie Ho

Josie Ho is a rebel and rockstar! A founding member of the band Josie & The Uni Boys, she loves performing. A singer and actress from Hong Kong, her presence in the indie music scene is electric. Having recently performed with Far East Movement for Billboard Radio China, Josie is now in Iceland recording a documentary. Josie is an acclaimed actress and musician appearing in many film festivals around the world.


Niki Inc. & Josie Ho:

Niki Inc. works with Josie Ho on her presence globally with a focus on Canada & America. Sending out press releases, supporting her red carpet events and responding to many appearance requests Niki Inc. acts as the main contact for all music & film related inquiries in Canada.

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You can see more about Josie at www.Josieho.com


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