Booty Building Box

booty building box

Who is Booty Building Box?

The Booty Building Box is a fun, one-of-a-kind effective glute exercise program you can do anywhere you choose! If you’re tired of waiting for equipment at the gym in order to complete a fulfilling leg and glute workout, the Booty Building Box is the solution to your problem.

The booty building box programs aren’t about loosing weight or measuring, especially not on the scale. These programs are about building strength and confidence, they are meant to teach you about the science of fitness so that you can change your body “booty” composition to your liking. Let’s be real, most of us are combinations of body types and that means training with that in mind!

Really it’s just a fun way to incorporate a really awesome at home glute program into your routine. The workouts start out with once a week then go up to twice a week at the most you can add them into your already existing training routine too.

NIKI INC. is working with the BOOTY BUILDING BOX on an exciting new project. Stay tuned…
But in the meantime, get your Booty Building Box!

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