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We connect you to things that matter to your goals. We map out our network and resources to get your name or brand better recognition. Full-service PR efforts involve your social presence with a marketing mindset. We use a marketing mindset to look at your image or your brand from the consumer’s perspective. If you need a brand re-do or an image re-do, we make it happen.
The socially-conscious publicist that believes you either do it with heart, or not do it at all. Niki Papaioannou is the business founder of “Niki Inc” a Toronto based publicity firm. A mom of two, a survivor and a philanthropist. Niki is always incorporating a non profit approach to 20% of Niki Inc. lead PR initiatives. It is through these initiatives that Niki Inc. works with superstars and entrepreneurs who want to improve the state of the planet and tell their unique story. Niki Inc. supports the BIPOC community through her employment selections and her work on with Foodpreneur Lab.
Niki Papaioannou spent over ten years in senior marketing roles with a focus on the casual dining/restaurant sector where she honed her passion for food and storytelling into successful publicity strategies and marketing campaigns. Her collaborative approach of knowing who the audience was and speaking to them in their own vernacular garnered Niki great acclaim within the industry. Not one to stand on her laurels, Niki took extensive media relations training while working at these North American restaurant chains and decided after ten amazing years that it was time to branch out on her own.
In her first year of business with a focus on superstars and representing brands for conscious good, she had two clients hire her to help announce their departure from the Canadian Football League and into the Canadian political scene. Niki worked on this announcement and saw it go viral for a 24 hour period. Her phone rang non-stop from various media outlets and prospective clients. Year one landed Niki Inc. earning six figures.
Niki has worked on campaigns with NBA superstar Cory Joseph and with MLB superstar Edwin Encarnación. She also had the privilege of working with NHL Hall of Famers Lanny McDonald, Darryl Sittler, Ron Ellis, and the late Johnny Bower on a major publicity event for the beloved Tim Hortons brand at The Hockey Hall of Fame location in Toronto. She was invited to be a contributing author in a business book “Business Hacks: Growth Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know” BOOK 2 released in 2021.
Niki Inc. clients include superstars like: Josie Ho (Hong Kong Actress, Musician), Dr. Nadia Rizzo, (Naturopathic Doctor) , Dr. Kwadwo Head of The Ottawa Hospital in the ICU as well as the yummy Ontario casual food chain with over thirty units “Meltwich Food Co”. A non-profit that Niki Inc. proudly represents is called Foodpreneur Lab, they are the only Canadian Black-woman founded and led non-profit with a fierce national mandate to advance racial and gender equity by supporting Canadian Startup and Scale Up food businesses.
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Who Are the Clients at Niki Inc?

– Established Actors + Entertainers + filmmakers

– Established Influencers/ Entertainers & Wellness professionals

– Delicious Food Concepts
– Heart-centered Non-profits
…you can count on us to not only increase your visibility, but also to present your brand in its very best light. (In other words, we’ll make sure you don’t have spinach in your teeth – both literally and metaphorically!

We take a unique marketing-focused approach to PR, which means that we help our clients fine-tune their image/brand before promoting it. We utilize our connections and experience to elevate you and your brand whether it is a feature in Elle Magazine or your interview with The Huffington Post, our PR team has got you covered.


– Those just starting out can learn our tricks of the trade through our online training program, Superstar PR 101
– For semi-superstars & established brands, we offer a full suite of a-la-carte services and ongoing support under the public relations, brand connections & social media umbrellas.
If you’re just starting out, Superstar PR 101 is, hands down, the best place to start. It’s packed with value and designed to launch you on your journey towards fame and success. If you’re an established brand or rising star and want more information on how Niki Inc. can help take your brand to the next level, click here to contact us now.
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