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Dr. Ben Galyardt

Who is Dr. Ben Galyardt

Dr. Ben Galyardt, D.C. is the Founder and CEO of F8 Well Centers and The Galyardt Method. He is also a worldrecognized speaker in Neurofeedback and Brain Regeneration. After successfully treating thousands of patients in his Colorado office, he brought his Galyardt Method to other parts of the country by opening satellite offices. He now leads and teaches his Galyardt Method to all of our new doctors across the country while also working one on one with patients.

Dr. Ben was hooked on learning more about Functional Medicine which incorporates the latest in genetic science, and systems biology, as well as an understanding of how environmental and lifestyle factors influence the emergence and progression of the disease. He has spent the rest of his life learning these methods from top-name doctors nationwide. Before it was even called Functional Medicine, he was an expert in Functional Medicine.

Nikie Inc & Dr. Ben Galyardt

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