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Meltwich Food Co.

Who is Meltwich

Meltwich Food. Co.

33 locations in 22 cities. A casual-grill concept with Canadian roots. All franchised locations.

Deliciously good food!

Niki Inc. & Meltwich Food Co.

About Meltwich Food Co.

We’re obsessed with cheese. The way it melts. The way it tastes. The way it elevates the flavour of everything it touches…  So we’ve dedicated our life to the celebration of cheese in all of its deliciously ooey-gooey forms! You can count on us to be on the leading edge of cheesy creativity, fusing it with premium ingredients into our inventive and craveable comfort food.

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You can learn more about Meltwich at https://meltwich.com/

Contact & Info:

Address:             Toronto, Ontario

Phone:                 1-416-568-9525

Email:                  info@nikiinc.ca

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