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The fabulous Met Gala took place this past Monday, and it was so exciting to see so many Canadians represented on the carpet! The glamorous ball is an invite-only event, with the star-studded list chosen by Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour. Attendees are expected to wear the most glamorous looks, and most of them create moments in fashion that will be remembered forever. Although the theme on the night was “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”, Canada was still able to show their northern pride with some gorgeous looks.

Here’s a rundown of some Canadians who made some bold statements!

U.S. congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (known as AOC), wore a dress designed by a Toronto fashion designer! The white dress made headlines for its text on the back that read, “Tax The Rich” in big red letters. Aurora James of Brother Vellies was the mastermind behind this statement piece. What an amazing moment!

Actor Dan Levy also made quite the powerful statement with his outfit. The ensemble by LOEWE was created by LGTBQ activist David Wojnarowicz. He envisioned this look as a way to create visibility for queer people and celebrating inclusivity. What a great look! 

Mississauga born model, Winnie Harlow, showed up to the red carpet booking as stunning as ever! She was wearing an Iris VanHerpen bodysuit with a beautiful flowy train. The way she posed is just confirmation of what an amazing model she is. Absolutely stunning! 

Justin Bieber made an appearance with his wife, model Hailey Baldwin. Justin wore a cool-cut jacket and wide-legged pants by Drew House, while Hailey wore a gorgeous black dress by Anthony Vaccarello for Yves Saint Laurent. What a beautiful couple! 

Simu Liu who plays the new Marvel hero, Shang-Chi, made his Met Gala debut this year. He showed up in a snazzy white Fendi suit and he was looking sharp. The Torontonian made us all super proud! 


Shawn Mendes showed up with a rockstar look and attitude! The Canadian musician wore a black Micahel Kors leather blazer. He accessorized with a dice necklace, two belts, and a guitar wire around his neck. Talk about confidence! 


I’m so excited to see such a Canadian presence. I’m looking forward to next year’s event already! 


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Like many people, I am a huge fan of the Olympics. Since I am of Greek descent, the games have such a dear place in my heart. Did you know that the first Olympics were held in the Greek city-state of Ellis in-get this-776 B.C.?! I am so proud to get to watch them every four years. 

It is so nice to see such talented athletes put their all into something they are so passionate about. Not only is it physically demanding, but it’s also mentally challenging. With the pressure of their teammates, their coaches, the country, and even themselves, there is lots to juggle. Despite all of this, they are able to take their places, and get the job done. This year’s Olympics ended up being Canada’s most successful non-boycotted games, winning 24 medals in total! That includes 7 gold, 6 silver, and 11 bronze. We had an overall standing of 11th. Go Team Canada! They all had a very important role in our success, and I am so proud of every single Canadian olympian. Here are a few Canadian athletes who stood out to me for their dedication, drive, and determination that was so inspiring to watch.

Canada’s Women’s Soccer Team – Congratulations on winning its first ever Olympic gold medal!

Damian Warner for Men’s Decathlon – The 31-year-old athlete from London, Ontario won Gold with over 9,000 points in ten events! Have we found our real life Superman?? He was also chosen as the flag bearer for the closing ceremony, which is a huge honour.

Kylie Masse, Sydney Pickrem, Maggie Macneil, and Penny Oleksiak for Women’s 4x100m Medley Relay – The ladies won bronze in this event! This medal also made Penny Canada’s most decorated Olympian! Go women, go!

Andre De Grasse for Men’s 100 metres – The runner from Markham, Ontario won bronze with his personal best of 9.89 seconds! What a huge moment!

Overall, the country did an amazing job this time around! As our most successful non-boycotted game yet, there was so much to celebrate. Since this was one of the biggest events we’ve had since COVID-19 pandemic, it felt even more important to the morale of the world. There is so much sadness going on in the world, but that’s why I have such a strong love for the Olympics. It reminds us of the power behind dedication, pride, and working hard to fight for what you are passionate about. I already can’t wait for the Summer Olympics 2024! 

Cheers to all of the Olympians! 

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One of our amazing Superstars was featured in Chaarmz Magazine’s Spring Edition! Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Nadia Rizzo, answered some of the top questions that naturopathic doctors get. Dr. Nadia is a graduate from the Canadian Naturopathic college. She is best known for her outgoing personality and passion for helping women all over the country find their confidence within themselves. On top of being a doctor, she is also an author and has a book titled, Eat Your Way Sexy. She is passionate about making sure all women have the right tools needed to effectively lose weight while also dealing with the emotional and mental aspects about remembering it’s more than just the number on the scale. Here are the questions she took on in Chaarmz Magazine!



Why do some people have a hard time losing weight as they age? Is it hormones?


Is it okay to do intermittent fasting as a lifestyle or is there a time when you should stop?


How do you get rid of bloating?


What type of diet is best for Type 2 Diabetes? Can diet alone reverse Type 2 diabetes or is Metformin needed forever?


What is a good weight loss plan for those who didn’t get to experience a positive postpartum experience?


If you’d like to read her answers to these questions, make sure to check out the feature in Chaarmz Magazine! This is the perfect place to go if these questions have been a point of confusion for you, and her thorough and clear answers will not disappoint. 


You can also find Dr. Nadia on social media to find more naturopathic insight! She can be found on Instaram @drnadiarizzond and at her website www.nadiarizzo.com 


Her book, Eat You Way Sexy, is available on Amazon here


Happy reading!


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On my latest Superstar PR Podcast episode, I had the privilege of speaking with Beth Miller from Soulify Wellness. It was such an eye opening conversation and I am so excited to share her knowledge and wisdom. 

Beth Miller is a wife and mom to three beautiful kids. In a scary turn of events, she had a brain bleed at the young age of 39. After being faced with such a terrifying health scare, she began therapy as a way of dealing with the trauma that came with it. That’s where she began looking at the experience from a different perspective. Beth looked at her experience as a blessing because it opened her eyes to a part of life she hasn’t tapped into before. She started to understand that you can truly have whatever you want and strive to make deep happiness for yourself. 

Beth now dedicates her life to transforming the lives of women and helping marriages that have fallen apart. She specifically uses a technique called “hypno-journeying”. It is a deep meditation that allows you to turn off the conscious brain, and lets you access the subconscious mind. Beth says the easy path takes a toll on us and ultimately, is where we get stuck. When you have the awareness of these triggers in your backpack, you can work on fixing them! She believes that using hypno-journeying helps us consciously see what happens, and subconsciously dig it out so we can re-implement it. 

Although she can’t promise to fix any marriage that is falling apart, she does promise to create a confidence that will make sure you are secure in whatever ending it results in. Listen to your gut by being still and listening to how your body reacts; it’s just that simple! Make sure to listen to this awesome interview for more of an in-depth understanding of Beth’s mission.

You can find more about Beth on www.soulifywellness.com where you can try some of her guides for yourself and/or your relationships! You can also find her on Instagram, @soulifywellness

Watch the episode below, or listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts now!


Don’t be shy, she’s excited to connect with you! 

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Anyone who knows me also knows my passion for giving back to others. With the blessings we are given in this world, it’s important to share them with those around us. Unfortunately, there are so many people who have been overlooked. Whether it’s where they live, their status, or their visibility, those who are less fortunate have been invisible to many of the people who should be able to help them. 


One of the organizations that I have been passionate about is the Safe Hands Children Foundation. This organization is based in the Eastern African country, Uganda. The charity is a community based foundation that supports orphans, the vulnerable, and needy children. They push to give a chance to these less fortunate children to have a chance at a life that will give them all of their basic needs. With the money they receive, they provide education, clean water, food, and good news. What makes my heart so happy is despite their circumstances, there are so many smiles. Take a look!

If you’d like to take part in being a positive impact on these beautiful children, you can find more information on their Facebook and Instagram accounts! They will be able to direct you there in how to help through monetary donations, but also letters and words of encouragement! Even though it’s important to help those in need with financial support, it’s even more important for everyone to know that they are loved and appreciated. Money doesn’t bring longing happiness, but love can! 


We are all citizens of this world, and I firmly believe that it is our responsibility to make sure everyone is given the love and support they are entitled to as human beings. At the end of the day, we are all brothers and sisters, and we should care for each other like brothers and sisters. Never feel like any action is too small because every action counts. Cheers to making true change together! 

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Summer is finally here, and one of my favourite things to do in the warm weather is gardening! 

The thing I find most special about gardening is creating something out of the earth we live on. It’s more than just a hobby. It’s connecting with the world around us that we call home, and connecting with it in a way that brings joy and nourishment to everyone. It’s a win-win situation! 

I got into gardening after hearing the story of Ron Finley. In 2010, he planted some vegetables on a parkway. Unfortunately, he was asked to take the garden down by the City of Los Angeles. He took a break from gardening, but then came back with the proper resources and support from the community to fight for his vision.

He believed that everyone should know how to feed themselves so we aren’t so dependent on a system that’s all about profit. Ron was able to inspire significant changes to the laws that would allow people to grow food on parkways. He now has a Masterclass about gardening and has inspired many people to create their very own gardens. You can read more about him on his website, ronfinley.com.

This story is so dear to me because it is what ultimately inspired me to create my very own garden. Through my garden I find peace, fulfillment, and health! There’s no denying that making your own garden is more dependable, so if you have the means, I say why not? 

With the help of Angela (you can find her on Instagram @angelasorganicgarden), and some perseverance, I’ve been able to create my own garden. I’m most excited for my baby grape tomatoes to start growing! 




If you want to see more of my gardening journey, make sure to follow me on Instagram @nikiincto.

Happy gardening!

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