WARNING: SUPERSTAR in the making!
In this noisy world, it can feel impossible to break through and create a name for yourself. But I can assure you, it’s not.
With the right strategy and support, it’s absolutely possible to attract the fame and success you’ve always dreamed of – and I would LOVE to help you do it.
If you’re just starting out, Superstar PR 101 is, hands down, the best place to start. It’s packed with value and designed to launch you on your journey towards fame and success.
Fame doesn’t happen by accident.
Launching a brand to stardom requires a strategic plan and thoughtful action (not to mention a whole lot of hustle). Luckily, spending thousands on a PR rep isn’t the only way to get the intel you need to produce the results you want.
Superstar PR 101 is a two-hour online training for those who want to introduce a new brand and/or begin to increase their profile and relevance - but don’t yet have the budget to engage a full-time PR rep !
Meet Your Guide
I’m Niki Papaioannou, founder of Niki Inc. and creator/promoter of superstar brands.
While it might not seem like it when you’re just starting out, I can tell you with certainty that it’s absolutely possible to attract the fame and success you’ve always dreamed of – and I would LOVE to help you do it.
Superstar PR 101 is a complete roadmap designed to help you chart your own path to fame and success - and includes a ton of tips and tricks I use in my one-on-one work.

Your complete roadmap
In this 7 module and 3 bonus module course (which you can work through as quickly or as slowly as you like), you will discover:
  • ​Why PR is important – and how it can help YOU!
  • ​Why social media is important for your business
  • ​How to GET PRESS NOW by perfecting your PR strategy
  • ​Insider tips for dealing with journalists
  • ​Press release 'how to' THAT WORKS!
  • ​The retail timing checklist
  • ​How to get your brand BUZZ and what to do with it
  • ​The DOs and DON’Ts of working with influencers - bonus 1
  •  The importance of LinkedIn and how to use it effectively - bonus 2
  •  Discovering your signature branding look - bonus 3
…and receive a workbook full of checklists and guides you can use over and over again to put your plan into action... All for just $249. 
If Superstar PR 101 had you at hello, you can go right ahead and sign up through the link below. 
Superstar Testimonials

Multiplying your brand recognition – several times over
Having a strong and professional media kit you’re proud to send out
going viral
Being picked up by a major publication
Hosting an event that receives incredible buzz and media attention
A steady stream of (the right kind of) work
Knowing exactly how to cut through the noise and get noticed

All this – and more – is available to you… with a little help from us ;)

Superstar PR is perfect for those who:
Want to build – or maintain – momentum following a successful sporting career
Need help figuring out what interviews will pay off most for your brand (and how to get them)
Want media pick-up – but have no idea how to write an effective press release
Are planning a launch or big event
Are ready to hustle – but don’t know where or how to focus their efforts
…if you want to achieve even one of the things on this list, Superstar PR can help you do it.
What format is the training?
The training is presented as a two-hour webinar, designed to be consumed in one ‘sitting’. You will also receive a comprehensive workbook to guide you through your tactics following the webinar.

How long will I have access?
Superstar PR 101 includes lifetime access to the materials, so you can go through at your own pace and come back to it as often as you need to.

Does it guarantee results?
Superstar PR 101 includes all the info you need to get results - but it doesn’t guarantee them, because it also depends on your hustle ;) That said, if you follow through on these strategies and tactics according to our recommendations, you can absolutely expect to see results. 

Who is the course for?
We specialize in working with athletes, actors, influencers, musicians and specialty brands. That said, the teachings in this course can be applied to virtually any brand just starting out with PR. 

What if I have questions or need support throughout the process?
We have a support e-mail to direct any Q & A’s and Our free 15-minute calls are open to everyone - so if you’re stuck on a particular part of the training, you can absolutely use yours to talk it through!

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