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We are so excited to announce Niki Inc’s PR Bootcamp. Our PR Bootcamp is two in-person sessions at the Verity in the Toronto Room on February 14th, 9:30- 2:00 pm & February 28th, 9:30 am – 2:00 pm, followed by a 15-minute spot on our Headshot Day March 14th at Northspace, 15 Gervais Dr. Suite 700, 7th Floor, North York, ON M3C 1Y8.

Sign up for PR Bootcamp here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/pr-bootcamp-with-niki-inc-tickets-506823852787

We often get contacted by brands that sometimes aren’t ready to sign on for full PR which is why we have created this PR Bootcamp.

If we can’t partner with you right away whether it be timing or resources, we want to give you the building blocks to feel confident in speaking to your brand.

Niki Inc’s PR Bootcamp was created with the mindset to give you the confidence and support needed to be able to set your brand up for success. Public Relations is a careful mix between creativity, persuasion, and strategy.

Are you looking to expand your brand’s reach?

Would you like to expose your business to new people who might want to try your product or service?

  • What you will have once you’ve completed PR Bootcamp:
  • Headshot for Linkedin
  • Linkedin Cover Image
  • Bio completion ( edited long & short versions)
  • Elevator pitch video recording
  • Personalized Style Doc
  • Interview training – where do your eyes look? How do you keep your answer focused and insert your website?
  • Intro to Canva training (build important documents on your own)
  • An email with all assets, edited long & short bio, video of your elevator pitch, and a mini intervie
  • We’re very proud of the information shared in our PR Bootcamp and believe it to be truly useful to set your brand up for success!
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There are major congratulations in place for one of our Superstars, Josie Ho! She was recently featured in Fashion Magazine’s September issue. Take a look here!

Josie has such an amazing personality with quite the eye for all things creative. Josie is also very passionate about fashion and is one of the many things that makes her stand out from the crowd. In her interview, they spoke about her love for vintage hats. Josie has quite the collection (she has a whole hat display wall!), and her unique taste makes her stand out from the crowd. She looks absolutely radiant.

The feature story was written by a brilliant Fashion Magazine journalist, Odessa Paloma Parker. The photography was by the talented Kiu Shya-la-la, her hair was made to perfection by Ben Lee, and her makeup was done by the brilliant Zing of @zingmakeup. Her team was phenomenal and truly made her natural beauty shine.

There are so many more things coming up for Josie. Her movie, Habit, featuring Bella Thorne and Paris Jackson, is set to hit theatres August 20th, 2021! She’s also celebrating the successful debut of her movie, Edge Of The World, which was released this past June. Josie was featured in The Kit in May where she spoke about her Hollywood takeover. Josie has done so much this year, and there is only more to come in her future. It is fascinating to see her rise to the challenge and let her talent shine.

We can’t wait for all of the exciting things coming up for Josie, and we look forward to sharing her journey with you along the way. It was great getting to work with the team at Fashion Mag, and we are so honoured to be a part of such a great milestone. Congratulations Josie! Here’s to many more wins to come.

Don’t forget to check out her newest project, Habit, on Apple TV!

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Family-owned olive oil producer Acropolis Organics won an entry in the annual NYIOCC contest with its Bioharvest EVOO Series.

The annual contest is composed of olive oil experts known as a leading resource for consumers in understanding varieties, taste selection, and quality indicators.

Acropolis Organics Bioharvest EVOO Series is a budget-friendly, chemical-free oil selection. It is produced in the family estate in Vouves, Crete—home to the world’s oldest olive tree. Over a million bottles have been sold!

According to Canada’s Food Price Report, Canadian food prices will increase 3 per cent to 5 per cent next year dueto the economic impacts of the pandemic.

What sets them apart from others is their decision to bypass the organic certification process to provide budget-friendly options to consumers.
President and Founder of Acropolis Organics, Panagiotis Tsiriotakis, highlighted the importance of this decision.

“We want a single mother with three kids and one job to be able to bring health to her kitchen table,” said Tsiriotakis. “We offer both a Certified Organic EVOO as well as the Bioharvest EVOO, which allows us to introduce pricing flexibility into a prohibitively expensive organic food market without sacrificing quality or taste.”

The olive sector has faced challenges in recent years due to issues pertaining to oil authenticity. However, Acropolis Organics Bioharvest EVOO comes with a protected designation certificate given by third parties to prove the origin claims of the product.

“Honestly, I would never buy another olive oil again,” says longtime Acropolis Organics customer, George Kotanidis. “This is the real deal.”

Acropolis Organics Bioharvest EVOO can be purchased through the company website at www.acropolisorganics.com, or at retailers across Canada and the United States.

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