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TOP GIFTS UNDER $40 that people love!

For those of you who work with Niki Inc. You know how much we love buying gifts of gratitude. We’ve made a list of some of the best regarded gifts we’ve ever given. People have gone out of their way to let us know these were used and loved. So we wanted to share that with you all, because in this world of “stuff” it always helps to give the right gift and respect your budget.


Voice Recording Pen, great for the person who refuses to take digital notes! I’ve given this to a Project Manager, Architect, Writer and all three loved it. $22.00 on Amazon!


A camera lens coffee mug, I gave this to someone as a gift and got a phone call a few weeks later. The coffee cup had caused so many random conversations to begin! I even had a Starbucks employee in a drive through ask me where I had purchased it, she loved it. $15.99 onAmazon!


Richard Branson “Secrets They Won’t Teach You At Business School”.This is a gift I give any male or female, typically in a  business relationship. It’s always enjoyed and people often pass the book on to others. Isn’t that a sign of a great book or what? $19.46 on Amazon!


Boss Lady coffee mug! Every Boss lady I’ve given this to keeps it proudly at her work station, uses it as a prop in photographs also. I think it’s a total home run. $35.46 on Amazon!

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Confidence Building & Thought Provoking Books

#1. “Conversation with the Heart”

By Lise Janelle

This book is such a pleasant read. It makes you think about what your heart wants. Having a real inward look at what your heart wants allows you to make real goals that reflect what would make you sincerely happy. Happiness precedes confidence and for that reason, I think this book is well worth reading over and over again as you work on building self-confidence. (Available on Amazon)

#2. “The Success Principles”

By Jack Canfield

This is a read and then re-read type of book. Jack Canfield gives really practical advice, that feels as though you’ve learned with Jack along the way. I almost recommend people have a paper and pen and take notes while reading this book.
(Available on Amazon)

#3. Awaken The Giant Within

By Tony Robbins

This book is like a manifesto for anyone looking to wake up the fire within. Often times a lack of confidence stems from feeling defeated and believing you are not worthy. Tony Robbins does not let that idea stick. This book also makes you want to see him in person. He’s that good!
(Available on Amazon)

#4.How To Make Friends And Influence People

By Dale Carnegie

This is a bestseller and the oldest book on my list! But it emphasizes the importance of harnessing and cultivating your emotional IQ. It helps you in every single area of life and learning what Dale teaches in this book has opened tremendous doors for me. I highly recommend this book! (Available on Amazon)

#5. Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School

By Richard Branson

This book really emphasizes the soft skills you need and the analytic skills you need to do well in  business. With your eye on who and what matters most, sometimes we could easily bypass some  of what he brings up in a flurry of busy behaviour. But Richard Branson talks a lot about the  details and that’s something we really think is the game changer.
(Available on Amazon)

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staying focused

Did you know that your productivity depends on how focused you are every day? Concentration and the ability to stay focused are two core elements that determine how quickly you’re able to accomplish your goals. Some of the most common reasons behind the lack of focus and clarity are low motivation level, fatigue, and distractions. 

Fortunately, there is a way to stay focused in this age of distraction! Here’s a simple guide to help you stay focused and concentrate better on the task at hand. 

Regular Exercise 

Let’s face it, life is hectic and full of distractions, but regular exercise will not only help you stay fit and strong physically but it is known to keep your brain in excellent health! Now you have two very good reasons to take some time off your busy schedule for exercise, you get a healthy body and a refreshed mind that increases concentration and focus. 

Meditate to Stay Focused

Meditation is a process you rely on to train your mind just like fitness and exercise train our bodies for different sports. But first things first, if you’re new you will need to learn how to meditate and train your brain the right way. Start by concentrating all your focus on a single point like your breathing. Use a single word or mantra and repeat it while staring at a candle flame or any point of concentration. Start with simple meditation tools like repetitive music or counting beads. Once you master the art of meditation, you will be surprised at your ability to focus on different things at the same time. 

Find the Right Books to Read

Reading a good book is a good way to learn focus. Use audio books to help you concentrate on the content in the books. Find good reads on motivation or anything else that interests you! 

Stay Away from Your Phone After 9 pm!

This is probably the toughest thing to do in this day and age but to stay focused you have to give up your screen time after 9 pm EVERY NIGHT! The light from your smartphone screen damages your sleep patterns and negatively affects neurons in your brain. To stay focused your mind needs relaxation and the best way to do that is lock your phone away after 9 pm and go to bed. A good night smartphone free sleep will do wonders for your concentration.  

Join the 5 am Club

Now that you have learned to call it a night at 9 pm and with your cellphone kept away, waking up at 5 am shouldn’t be a problem. Waking up early morning and exercise in the fresh morning breeze will keep you refreshed and focused all day long. 

Be Aware of Your Goals 

After getting a good night sleep, meditation, and exercise your mind will be ready to face another day and another challenge head-on. Here’s what happens when you don’t prioritize your goals, each day you come to your office, sit down and start working on the first pending task. You’re halfway through the task when something else pops up in your mind that was more important than your current task, now you’re stuck between two tasks since you didn’t have particular goals in mind.

 To help you stay focused it’s essential to be aware of your goals and what you want to achieve. Planning for each goal is a better approach than doing multiple tasks at the same time. Coming up with your own to-do list will help you focus on each task at hand. 

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Podcasts are one of the most popular forms of media over the internet. You can find millions of successful podcasting services that provides regular updates on a variety of niche topics. If you haven’t already jumped onto the podcast bandwagon then this is the right time to do so! Follow our short guide to podcasts and learn how to start listening to interesting podcasts today! 

What is a Podcast? 

Let’s start with answering the most basic question that pops-up in your mind when you hear ‘podcast’. A podcast is a free audio program distributed over the Internet by different producers. You as a listener have the option to choose the podcasts that interest you and download them. Consider podcasts as creating your own customized radio station that plays the content you choose. Since you’re choosing the programs that interest you, it’s easy to swap programs to your liking. The best part of podcasts is it will open a window of opportunity for you to learn and grow as a person or as a business professional.  

Where to Find a Podcast?

Like anything over the Internet, podcasts are easy to find and download. To find and maintain your podcasts you will need a Podcast Manager. They are available for download on desktops, smartphones, and any other electronic devices. iTunes is currently one of the top ranking podcast managers that you can find. It works on Macs and iPhone but it can easily work on a windows PC. Itunes stores have a large variety of free podcasts. Other podcasts managers that work on multiple platforms including Android are: 

  1. gPodder
  2. ShortOrange
  3. Player.FM
  4. Overcast
  5. Pocket Casts

Podcasts managers provide similar functions and customization options. You can choose the one that fits your requirements and device settings flawlessly.

Do Podcasts Have Ads?

Podcasts are a popular media form over the internet and since millions of people are producing top quality content, the only way for them to earn from their hard work is through ad revenue. So, Yes podcasts do have ads but you can choose to opt for an ad-free premium account to get to your favorite podcasts without interrupting ads. On average there are over 525,000 active podcast shows with over 18.5 million episodes. With such a massive number of content producers, podcasts are the perfect way to earn advertisement-based revenue. It also makes a perfect promotional tool if you’re looking to advertise your brand. 

The Top Podcasts of 2018

In 2018 we saw several incidents and events that broke the internet and podcasting world. Some of them have made to our top podcast list of 2018. Our top picks from 2018 are:

  1. Slow Burn: A podcast that focuses on  Bill Clinton’s impeachment is one of the most downloaded podcasts in 2018
  2. In the Dark: A Pea-body winning podcast the producers investigates a case of a black man who was prosecuted over six times for the same murder. 
  3. 30 for 30 Bikram Yoga Scandal: The popular podcast by ESPN’s 30 for 30 changed its format from sports to discuss in detail Bikram Yogas’ #Metoo scandal. 
  4. Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness: a very interesting podcast with unique and different content will leave you in awe. 
  5. Caught: The Lives of Juvenile Justice: A Podcast about juvenile prisoners with heart-wrenching stories of their ordeal. 
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How to Mediate to Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve?

Modern life in this day and age is hectic and overwhelming. Each one of us undergoes a lot of stress and towards the end of the day fatigue and the feeling of being over-worked hits us hard. Meditation is a way out of a stressful life ridden with fatigue that makes us lethargic, impatient, and frustrated. Did you know that meditation could help you stay focused and calm during a stressful situation? All you need is a 10 to 15-minute break from your daily routine for meditation. 

Learn how to transform your body and mind through meditation in this easy to understand short guide to meditation. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

How does one learn to meditate? The answer is pretty simple, we learn to meditate by controlling and focusing on our breathing. Concentration on your breathing is the first step towards your long journey to a perfect meditation session. Learning to pay attention to your breathing as you inhale and exhale translates to learning how to return to or remain in the current moment. Heres how to start meditating as a beginner.

Step 1: Find a Calm, Quiet Place 

Look for a spot in your home or your favorite park that’s calm, quiet and it should make you feel at ease and relaxed. Choose an isolated spot in the park that’s away from the hustle and bustle of the park. If you’re home or at the office make sure there’s no external noise to disturb you.  

Step 2: Be Comfortably Seated

Find a comfortable seating position; you can sit on the floor with a yoga mat or any other seating arrangement on the floor or on a comfortable seat.

Step 3: Concentrate on Your Breathing

Once you’re comfortably seated, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Focus on the natural inhaling and exhaling of breath, feel your breath rise from your lungs through your nose. Try to empty your mind from random thoughts as much as possible at this stage.

Step 4: Notice Where your Mind Takes You

While focusing on your breathing there will be a time when your mind will wander away. this is where you have to notice where your mind has wandered off to during your session. 

 Step 5: Return Your Wandering Mind Back

After you’ve allowed your mind to roam free it’s time to come back. Start concentrating on your breathing to return. An important thing to remember here is never to judge or obsess over the thoughts wandering through your mind, just focus on coming back. That’s all it is to meditation, you wander away, you come back all the while having your focus on a single element. 

The Bottom line 

Meditation teaches us to be focused and determined. It helps you train your mind into being sharper allowing you to improve your concentration. It also helps us relax our wandering mind by reducing the stress levels. All you need is to get ten to fifteen minutes from your schedule to mediate your troubles away. Check out my 21 day meditation experiment featured on Tonic Toronto

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reset your energy with travel

Travelling offers a host of benefits for your mind, spirit, and body. Travel brings excitement, adventure and a way to refresh your mind from the stress that accompanies you day in and day out. Ask anyone who frequently travels about their experiences, they’ll attest to the eye-opening experiences they’ve had, the people, foods, and cultures they’ve come across have changed their perception on life. 

Travelling is a life-changing experience and here’s how a long trip can help reset your energy.

Take your Creativity to a Whole New Level

When you feel like you’re out of creative ideas for your business then travelling to a new destination is something you should think about. Take the time off, choose a particular destination locally or internationally that you feel would inspire you to be more creative.

 A study from the Academy of Management Journal revealed that there’s a strong link between enhanced creativity and immersive travel experiences acquired from witnessing different cultures. Travel forces you to think in different ways and have a contingency plan if one of your plans doesn’t turn out right. 

Travelling Stimulates Different Parts of Your Brain

Did you know that travelling could stimulate parts of your brain to make you more active and productive? Travelling encourages the growth of new cerebral connections with the brain forming a strong mind. Each time you’re in a new location your brain is trying to take everything in which triggers the production of new dendrites. If you’re looking to have a healthy mind and body you should start considering taking a long travel vacation. 

Planning a Trip Releases Endorphins

 Endorphins play a vital role in maintaining our mental health, it is known as the feel-good hormone. When you’re planning a trip to your favorite destination it releases endorphins. The excitement of the travel, meeting new people and exploring new cultures improves your mood and overall outlook on life. Travel is the ultimate mood booster for anyone who feels stressed out, depressed and overworked. Get your travel plans in action today to gain back your physical and mental energy. 

Get a New Perspective 

Travelling takes you places you’ve never seen before and experience a completely different culture and food. You get a chance to come out of your comfort zone and take a different perspective on life and all it offers. Travelling will help you transform into a better person, you’ll have more confidence in the decisions you make in your personal, professional life. Seeing how other people live, the food they eat, the festivals they celebrate, and the norms they follow will give you a chance to clear your misconceptions about people and their beliefs. 

The Bottom line 

Taking a long trip to a different location locally or internationally will give you a chance to get a new experience and be more creative. Broaden your horizon, strengthen your identity, step out of your comfort zone, and reset your energy by planning to a trip to your favorite destination. 

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