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On Failing + The Lessons You Learn

learning from your failures

Failures do come your way at one time or the other. You might fail in achieving a coveted degree or position, or you might fail in convincing others of your point of view. Failing is always depressing and can make you feel like a loser. But your failures shape you just like your success do. They are equally important lessons and teach you how to do things differently. Your failures even make you humble. And they can give you the drive to do better or to excel even beyond your abilities. 

Moving On After A Failure

Many people will react differently after a failure. It also depends on how the person is broken. Perhaps is reprimanded for so many others for the failure. Or you feel that you have let other people down, the people who have loved you and supported you and believed in you. So it’s a very depressing state of mind. 

It’s never the end of the world. What’s important is that you accept your failures and learn from them. The best thing is that if you have good friends and family to help and support you to move forward and past your failures. 

How To Prevent

  1. Detailed Planning

You must have heard of this common saying “You don’t plan to fail, you fail to plan”. When you have a goal to achieve, you need to work towards it. Without making a proper plan, how will you know what you should do, or the next move to take to be one step closer to your goals. With planning combined with good organizational skills, you will be on the right track to be successful in achieving your goals. Your failure margin becomes low when you do things according to a plan.

  1. Be Honest To Yourself

The biggest mistake most people make after a failure is not reflecting upon the situation and what happened that caused their failure. Its important you be brutally honest with yourself on why the failure happened. Was it because you turned on the television, got involved in your phone, or found distraction of some form or the other? Once you honestly think back and confront your own self with the mistakes you’ve made, that’s when you will learn how to prevent your failures.

Learning And Making A Plan To Not Repeat Your Mistake

If you look at many successful people, they too have suffered failure in the past. Its good to recover from your mistakes. It is important that you keep your mistakes in memory so that you can recall what not to do. After you have experienced a failure, you need to learn from it and understand how to tackle the situation, so you don’t end up making the same mistakes over and over.


Now that you have a good idea on how you should handle your failures and learn from your mistakes, its not to late to make amends and work the right way to achieve your goals and be successful in them.

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