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On Gratitude…

enjoy the little things

They say that life presents us with opportunities to see things, as they are or as they are not. I’m a firm believer that by starting from a place of gratitude, we can change anything going wrong in our lives or careers.

It’s about changing the place you start from, energetically. If you start from a happy place, your energy is elevated. You attract very different things on a higher energy playing field.

Have you noticed when a day goes horribly wrong? Everything just keeps happening to convince you that perhaps you should not have left the house? The logic I have for a day like this is, you let one thing really get you so down that your low energy attracted everything else that could have possibly gone wrong.

 Something I do daily that helps me stay grounded, regardless of what happens, is I write a gratitude list. I do this in a coffee shop, while I cook, or at the end of my day. When the baby is fast asleep and I’m so thankful for his tiny little hug each night.

 Gratitude comes before anything else. Including before a client lands a big interview with my help.

We can start by thanking our own hearts for beating.

Some more reading on this subject! Enjoy 🙂


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