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On my latest Superstar PR Podcast episode, I had the privilege of speaking with Beth Miller from Soulify Wellness. It was such an eye opening conversation and I am so excited to share her knowledge and wisdom. 

Beth Miller is a wife and mom to three beautiful kids. In a scary turn of events, she had a brain bleed at the young age of 39. After being faced with such a terrifying health scare, she began therapy as a way of dealing with the trauma that came with it. That’s where she began looking at the experience from a different perspective. Beth looked at her experience as a blessing because it opened her eyes to a part of life she hasn’t tapped into before. She started to understand that you can truly have whatever you want and strive to make deep happiness for yourself. 

Beth now dedicates her life to transforming the lives of women and helping marriages that have fallen apart. She specifically uses a technique called “hypno-journeying”. It is a deep meditation that allows you to turn off the conscious brain, and lets you access the subconscious mind. Beth says the easy path takes a toll on us and ultimately, is where we get stuck. When you have the awareness of these triggers in your backpack, you can work on fixing them! She believes that using hypno-journeying helps us consciously see what happens, and subconsciously dig it out so we can re-implement it. 

Although she can’t promise to fix any marriage that is falling apart, she does promise to create a confidence that will make sure you are secure in whatever ending it results in. Listen to your gut by being still and listening to how your body reacts; it’s just that simple! Make sure to listen to this awesome interview for more of an in-depth understanding of Beth’s mission.

You can find more about Beth on www.soulifywellness.com where you can try some of her guides for yourself and/or your relationships! You can also find her on Instagram, @soulifywellness

Watch the episode below, or listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts now!


Don’t be shy, she’s excited to connect with you! 

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