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Anyone who knows me also knows my passion for giving back to others. With the blessings we are given in this world, it’s important to share them with those around us. Unfortunately, there are so many people who have been overlooked. Whether it’s where they live, their status, or their visibility, those who are less fortunate have been invisible to many of the people who should be able to help them. 


One of the organizations that I have been passionate about is the Safe Hands Children Foundation. This organization is based in the Eastern African country, Uganda. The charity is a community based foundation that supports orphans, the vulnerable, and needy children. They push to give a chance to these less fortunate children to have a chance at a life that will give them all of their basic needs. With the money they receive, they provide education, clean water, food, and good news. What makes my heart so happy is despite their circumstances, there are so many smiles. Take a look!

If you’d like to take part in being a positive impact on these beautiful children, you can find more information on their Facebook and Instagram accounts! They will be able to direct you there in how to help through monetary donations, but also letters and words of encouragement! Even though it’s important to help those in need with financial support, it’s even more important for everyone to know that they are loved and appreciated. Money doesn’t bring longing happiness, but love can! 


We are all citizens of this world, and I firmly believe that it is our responsibility to make sure everyone is given the love and support they are entitled to as human beings. At the end of the day, we are all brothers and sisters, and we should care for each other like brothers and sisters. Never feel like any action is too small because every action counts. Cheers to making true change together! 

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