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Everyone has those days when you wake up and wonder how you’re going to possibly fit everything into your schedule with only 24 hours. Whether it’s running errands, finishing that report you’ve been putting off, or getting dinner cooked, it can seem like there is no end in sight. I’m here to let you know that you WILL get through it, and you CAN make it easier, and even enjoyable! It all begins with setting your intentions for the day. With a few easy steps, you will be able to feel your best as you take on the tasks that you want to accomplish! 


1. Start with gratitude 

Something that is easy to forget is how much of a blessing it is to wake up in the morning. It’s good practice to take a beat and just appreciate the ability to see another day, another sunset, and more opportunities to chase what you think is meant for you in life! Before you roll out of bed, think of all of the people and things you are grateful for, and you are setting yourself up for success.


2. Try working out in the morning

workout in the morning

I know it may seem like this will just tire you out more, but there have been studies that show that it actually is a great way to kick start your day! I find so much strength in being able to get up in the morning and move my body. Working out will make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day, and also doesn’t hurt when it comes to self-confidence. So whether it’s going for a jog or walking on your treadmill, any movement can help start your day off with determination and strength on top of your mind.


3. Read or listen to an educational podcast for 20 minutes in the morning

Knowledge is power, and a lot of the knowledge we can receive is from listening to other people’s perspectives. One of my favourite ways to do that is through reading and educational podcasts! This can create healthy habits of actively listening, learning, and growing as an open and welcoming person. There are also podcasts out there for absolutely any interests you have, so you don’t ever have to worry about not finding something that suits you. The great thing about this is that you can listen to them while you’re working out!

This has been how I have been starting my days for a while, and I have never looked back. As long as I start my mornings this way,  the days go well. I’m a big believer in setting the standard for what my day can be, while also making sure to stop and enjoy the moments. Life is more than just getting the checklist done. It’s about taking in all of the blessings that we have, and appreciating the ability to do all the things that we have to do. So make sure to breathe, smile, and move forth in your day with confidence and gratitude.

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