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One of our amazing Superstars was featured in Chaarmz Magazine’s Spring Edition! Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Nadia Rizzo, answered some of the top questions that naturopathic doctors get. Dr. Nadia is a graduate from the Canadian Naturopathic college. She is best known for her outgoing personality and passion for helping women all over the country find their confidence within themselves. On top of being a doctor, she is also an author and has a book titled, Eat Your Way Sexy. She is passionate about making sure all women have the right tools needed to effectively lose weight while also dealing with the emotional and mental aspects about remembering it’s more than just the number on the scale. Here are the questions she took on in Chaarmz Magazine!



Why do some people have a hard time losing weight as they age? Is it hormones?


Is it okay to do intermittent fasting as a lifestyle or is there a time when you should stop?


How do you get rid of bloating?


What type of diet is best for Type 2 Diabetes? Can diet alone reverse Type 2 diabetes or is Metformin needed forever?


What is a good weight loss plan for those who didn’t get to experience a positive postpartum experience?


If you’d like to read her answers to these questions, make sure to check out the feature in Chaarmz Magazine! This is the perfect place to go if these questions have been a point of confusion for you, and her thorough and clear answers will not disappoint. 


You can also find Dr. Nadia on social media to find more naturopathic insight! She can be found on Instaram @drnadiarizzond and at her website www.nadiarizzo.com 


Her book, Eat You Way Sexy, is available on Amazon here


Happy reading!


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