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2020 is a year that has brought many, many surprises. When the clock struck 12AM on New Years Day, I couldn’t even imagine that this year would bring what we are living through right now. It’s such an odd experience to be living through something that we know will definitely end up in the textbooks.

Despite all of the tragedies, losses, and inconveniences that have arose due to COVID-19, the world has somehow found a way to keep pushing forward. One of those things? Working remotely.

Here at Niki Inc., it has been a little bit of an adjustment, but with lots of cooperation and perseverance, we have been doing really well!

Here are some tips that have worked for us that I think will work for you too!

1. Daily Zoom Meetings

Zoom has been our absolute best friend! Even though we miss seeing each other’s smiling faces in the office, this is a great alternative. Scheduling daily group meetings allows for everyone to make sure they are on the same page and clear up any questions that may need to be answered. Communication is key!

2. Create a Work Space

Sometimes it’s hard to get into the headspace of working if you are just a few feet away from your comfy bed. Creating a work space in your home really helps with keeping the work grind in mind! I always make sure my desk has water, my chargers, a note pad, a pen, and a snack for when I’m hungry. A bonus is a window that allows natural light into your space!

3. Don’t Forget To Rest

While working remotely, it’s easy to lose track of time. Sometimes you’re on a roll with emails or phone calls that you don’t even realize that the sun is already setting! Make sure that you are giving yourself time to get up, stretch, take a walk, and eat. You’re best work always comes from a well rested mind, body, and soul.


With these three steps, you’ll be a pro at working remotely! Encourage your team, trust yourself, and reach for the stars!

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