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On Balancing It All + Time Management

balance & time management

Who says being a mom and running a business is easy? Running a successful business and managing household chores and kids is nothing short of a major challenge. Those who do not have kids have no clue how moms manage their personal duties towards their kids and their professional commitments.

Here’s how you can manage everything along with effective time management to get things done at the right time.  

Take Care of Yourself to Take Care of Your Business and Home

It might sound selfish to some, but you have to take care of yourself first! If you’re healthy and fine you’ll able to handle your professional and personal duties with ease. When you’re in a bad physical and mental health how will you go about managing your business operations and be there for your kids at the same time? Take some time from your routine almost 20 minutes per day will do. Use this time to relax and get some exercise or catch a quick power nap. Go on holidays when you can to refresh your mind.  

Time Management is the Key to Success

To manage your personal and professional commitments you need to have an effective time management system. You need to have a plan, which allows you to allocate your time to each project and have some spare time for yourself too.

Learn to Say No

This might not be as easy as it seems but with time you’ll need to learn to say no when you feel it’s necessary. Don’t ever overburden and overwork yourself because you won’t get far with an exhausted mind. You don’t have to take on a major project when your hands are tied with other pending orders. 

Manage your imperative projects and refuse the ones that you believe will exhaust you to the point of fatigue. Instead of turning yourself into a zombie by losing sleep and overworking, just say NO and politely refuse. Give priority to the projects that you believe are doable and according to your area of expertise to avoid problems in the future. 

Read Your Own Body Vibes

When you’re in an uncomfortable position during your professional or personal interactions with different people then follow your instincts and refuse to work with such people and projects. Choose projects that you believe in, and you have the expertise and the resources to complete them without much effort and discomfort. When you get negative vibes from someone, trust them, and make your decision based on the vibes you get about anything and anyone. Have a clear mind and think rationally about all the aspects of the project if you decide to accept or reject a project.  

Do Not Work With People Or Places That Make You Miserable

In your professional life, you will come across many people that you find annoying, obnoxious, and rude. If you feel that you will not be able to cope with their behavior then the best option would be to avoid the people and places that make you miserable. Put your comfort level first. Don’t expect fruitful business deals when you don’t feel like you’re making the right decision. 

The Bottom line

Nerves of steel, hard work, determination, and planning can help you achieve success by balancing your personal and professional life. Everything needs to be planned to the minutest detail to avoid a clash between your two worlds.

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