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Finding your color shades

Finding your color shades

Colors impact our lives much more than we even think. The important thing is to know what colors naturally suits you. Your beauty can be enhanced by the right choice of apparel, makeup, and accessories. The most expensive suit may let you down if it is in conflict with your skin, hair and eye color.

It so happens that you admire someone and what they are wearing, and you wish to copy their fashionable look. Its innate in you. But what we don’t realize is that you and she may have different features. What suits her and makes her look fashionable looks loud on you. 

Regardless of what the latest fashion trends are or what looks fabulous on the model in a fashion magazine, its important to understand what may or may not look good on you. So how do you know which colors are meant for you?

Color analysis is a way to help you determine what your color season is. Are you a spring, summer, autumn, or winter? Although this is not a perfect classification, it is certainly helpful in finding out what shades work best for you.

Read on further to know is your season according to your eye, hair, and skin color. Once you have determined your season, you can find out what colors will suit you and help you bring out your style and beauty. 


Eyes: dark hazel, Black, or black-brown.

Hair: salt and pepper, black-brown, steel gray, or medium brown.

Skin: olive with no peach or pink undertones, medium beige, black, or black-brown.

Best colors for you if winter is your shade:

Charcoal, black, icy gray, black-brown, gray, red-brown, hot pink, rust, true red, blue red, aubergine, lemon yellow, mint, light green, olive, emerald green, clear teal, purple, bright periwinkle, blue, navy, and chinese blue.


Eyes: gray, blue, or green.

Hair: Light ash brown or light ash blonde.

Skin: Porcelain, pale beige, pink beige, or ivory. (Usually pink-toned.)

Best colors for you if summer is your shade:

Light gray, cocoa, gray blue, powder pink, taupe, rose pink, clear salmon, coral pink, light lemon yellow, clear red, light aqua, spruce, blue green, sky blue, light navy, lavender, medium blue, and violet.


Eyes: Dark hazel, dark brown, dark green or black.

Hair: Auburn, Medium brown, black or deep chestnut.

Skin: neutral beige, warm beige, olive, dark brown, or golden brown.

Best colors for you if fall is your shade:

true red, tomato red, terracotta, salmon pink, purple, peach, moss, marigold, lime bronze, light yellow, lemon yellow, jade, hot turquoise, evergreen, deep red, dark rose, dark purple, Chinese blue, cerulean, camel, black, Black brown,


The world is full of an infinite range of colors. There’s a lot to choose from. However, you need to make sure you pick the right colors according to your skin and features. Now that you know what shades work best for you, you can boldly and confidently rock your look every time. 

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