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The Magic Of A Great Night Sleep

how to get a good night's sleep

A good night’s sleep (unfortunately almost non-existent today) is very important for your mind and body. Our natural sleep patterns are disturbed because most people don’t follow a healthy lifestyle. Eating junk food, spending too much time staring at different types of screens for work and leisure have disrupted our sleep cycles. We’re sharing the health benefits of getting a quality good night sleep to help you stay healthy and fit. 

Sleep Well to Boost Your Immune System

When you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll feel drowsy, lethargic, depressed, tired, and you’ll struggle to keep your eyes open during the day. Getting a quality sleep ensures that you have successfully cycled through the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and Non-Rem or Non-rapid eye movement (NREM)through the night. Boosting the immune system is the biggest advantage of a good night’s sleep free from any external interruptions. Over 7 hours of sleep every night will help boost your immune system and keep you disease free for years to come. 

Improves your Overall Health and Appetite

Lack of proper sleep has many adverse effects on your body. Insomnia and insufficient sleeping hours are the main culprits behind obesity and other illnesses like diabetes. The quality of the sleep is equally important as the quantity, when you’re well rested you’ll notice that you aren’t craving junk food as much as you used to. Calling in an early night will improve your appetite and overall health. 

How to Sleep Better? 

This simple question has a very complicated answer! How many times has it happened that each night you go to bed after a long hard day to catch up on your lost sleep, but, no matter how hard you try to get some sleep, there’s absolutely no sign of sleep! After trying everything like backward counting, counting the sheep the stars and reading books you’re still wide awake! If you’re that person then read on to find out how to get better sleep.

Avoid Eating Heavy Meals Before Bedtime

Have an early dinner and avoid eating unhealthy junk food just minutes before bedtime. The best approach is to finish your dinner (preferably a healthy one) at least three hours before bedtime. Your body releases melatonin that helps your body relax and ready to get some sleep. 

Keep Your Phone Away After 9 pm 

To improve your health, it’s essential to change your lifestyle and make some hard choices like switching off your phone after 9 pm! The blue glare from different devices including smartphones is known to disrupt the REM and NREM cycles. Keep your phone away and over time you will develop a healthy sleep pattern.  

Avoid Caffeine in Late Afternoon 

The first thing you need to do is avoid taking caffeine after 4 pm every day. Caffeine in the morning is nothing short of a blessing but taking a cup during mid or late afternoon disrupts your sleeping cycle. Avoid carbonated drinks and too many liquids before bedtime because the constant need to pee will disrupt your sleep cycle. 

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