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Who is Sol Recycling?

World listen up, landfills were a solution when we didn’t have better ideas. Sol Recycling is in the house!

The conversation is taking on new form now.

Our newest clients are a recycling business that helps make what we once coined “garbage’ into further recycled matter, often turning it into a sellable commodity. They divert 2 NFL football fields of trash away from landfills every month. EVERY MONTH!

Simar Bedi is the founder of Sol Recycling. He’s providing a way for multi-national sized corporations to earn money by recycling major waste. I think this is wonderful news, worth sharing.

According to Simar, what we call garbage is only called garbage because we don’t know what can be done with it!


Give them a follow if you want to know more: @SolRecycling on Instagram.

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